The OK Marketplace door cable repairs kits are the original creation and design for this replacement part.  The part was created in Palm Beach County, Florida after a man could no longer open his Ford van doors.  He took the door apart only to find a cheap and easily worn part that had completely come apart.  He immediately went to work on a solution because he knew he could not be the only person having this problem.  From there, the Door Cable Repair Kit was born!

We have been creating and selling these parts since 2011 as a way to help the end user as well as body shops and car repair businesses.  We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. We look forward to helping you with your door cable repair needs.  

Please feel free to give us a call with any questions at any time.  You can also take advantage of all of our reference guides including part sheets explaining which pieces you will need for your car, a video showing how to replace the existing broken pieces, a video on how to use our special tool and an installation manual all shown below.

 Reference Guides
Please take a look at all of our reference guides below.  You will find instructional sheets, an installation manuals as well as some educational videos to assist you in your purchase and installation. 


Dodge Dakota                      Dodge Dakota                  E-Series Van                            E-Series Van
Single Suicide Door            Both Suicide Doors         LEFT Rear or Side Door        Rear Or Side Door Set  



E-Series Van                           E-Series Van                          Ford Expedition                Ford F-Series
RIGHT Rear or Side Door    All Door Side and Rear        Back / Trunk Door             Single Suicide Door



Ford F-Series                      Ford Ranger                          Ford Ranger                       Lincoln Navigator
Both Suicide Doors            Single Suicide Door            Both Suicide Doors           Back / Trunk Door 



Mazda B2000                       Mazda B2000                   Mitsubishi Raider               Mitsubishi Raider
Single Suicide Door            Both Suicide Doors         Single Suicide Door           Both Suicide Doors